Best Performance Of Redmi K30 Ultra/Cover By Asad Malik

    Best Performance Of Redmi K30 Ultra
    Best Performance Of Redmi K30 Ultra

    The launch today and the 10th anniversary show me event in China, they announced the B. K. 30 outra. My K. 30 Prague was 1 of my favorite finds that I have reviewed this year’s amazing performance on lovely screen.

    Because it’s got no notches, cut-outs, teardrop drops, or anything like that, it’s a full-screen experience with slim bezels looks fantastic, but 1 of the areas of criticism from me.

    And many other U. G. business Weyland tech review sites are just 60 hertz a flagship find it renounces shifting over to 90 her.

    I come on you can improve, so we got now the improved tweet model, It’s still an annelid panel.

    So they haven’t gone and downgraded to good out CD, and yes, it has amazing top brightness and 1000 200 nits they climb very very good in-screen fingerprint reader just like this particular model.

    And it should work very quickly. You can see that I look pretty fast and touch something right for the screen’s digitizer that is 240 hurt. Sorry again, And no discernible lag or anything like that. Now will be running me Y. 12, and what else have they done, Sir, instead of just having the downwards firing speaker.

    And this 1’s going to have to front towards firing loudspeaker is now is area. they have improved with the K. 30 ultra and then it comes to the battery department it’s out 405 4000 500 hours with a 3 walked fast charging.

    So it’s going to be swift. They should be under 1 hour to fully charge it. Then the meaningful changes pretty broad have been out of price that’s so this particular model more the pricing specific his they’ve gone with me to take this time with the central city 1000 plus chipset now. So the S. chipset should be very, very good.

    The read ME 10 except I reviewed it offset flagship-level wireless performance GPS performance and internal storage

    When not an issue,

    forget the media take you knew many years ago they’re older chips like the X. series X. 39 days a very good,

    and schools around 530000 which is a little bit behind the snapdragon 865, so they’ve stepped up a giant game of immediate take off the just a quick preview here.

    We can expect the new K. 30 ultra so that it will look very similar to this, but they will be a front-facing speaker right here, and then the 8 pieces will double a loudspeaker with the K. 30 pro.

    And the poker is too private you don’t have that we don’t have the jewel outs because which is a shame. Still, it’s an amazing single downwards firing speaker, so build-wise, it’s amazing very slim bezels. It’s going to have the same 6.67-inch ammolite display here. This 1 has a maximum brightness all of a read about 1000 nits.

    This is very good but then on the case,

    that’s going to get up to 1200 nits slightly brighter, and it’s perfect this 1 I can make it out in direct sunlight without problems whatsoever with this.

    So it is running to me why 12 this one, and of course, the KC ultra will have me Y. 12, and we get a nice animation in the background. So hence, father performance has been, I think, me while living in, which is good, and you got the option to have your apps drawer now being a Chinese fine if you get it and put it.

    There will be some and lots of apps in Chinese, and it is just one thing to bear with there, Hence, not bad, and it down the bottom of course then we got L.-type C. port right here we have a sim tray.

    And the loudspeaker and this 1 being and silver I do like the look of it the cameras on the back the poco.

    If too so, we’ve got the first 64-megapixel camera which is the I am at 686. It’s a perfect sense it does use the foreign 1 pixel binning.

    This particular model here, all I have is the K. 30 pro zoom, and deserving has an added optical image stabilization. Sadly, I can confirm that do not have visual image stabilization. Hence, just like the poker if 213-megapixel ultra-white, a 5 megapixel for macros is what it’s going to have in 2 megapixels for death information and the builder this is very good.

    I will glass on the back here, and it does feel perfect and had. The main thing is, of course. We don’t have harmful it’s just a fantastic-looking screen start tapping here, finger unlocking with it. It’s swift.

    And let’s have a look at the pop-up cameras, so when you swap of the 2 that you see pops up the same thing we will have here with the K. they all she can see my they hate camera right there. Still, it’s not a wrong solution for a lot of people that don’t take selfies. I don’t take a lot of southeast myself. So I’m thrilled with this.

    But having 120 hertz with a case ultra that’s going to be great they have cost what about pricing this is the most important thing here,

    If you can pick 1 out for the price, that it could be 250 years base model around about 200 85 U. S. dollars, which is amazing now.

    Because it’s the 6-gigabyte ram vision with 120 gigabytes of storage, no micro SD card support with these models, unfortunately, but that is a fantastic price reasonable,

    So I forget about the other funds. All right, the 1 plus annoyed if you can get your hands on 1 of these now. I’m not too sure about the band support, but I believe that with the.

    The modem that ended immensity 1000 plus that we will have LTE band 2028 is wrong. It’s going to be just in Chinese and English, and that is 1 of the cons. Still, hopefully, it will move over and be released the coals globally, but no information on this, maybe in September October end of the year.

    Also, the Kobe the polka F. 2 ultra or the pucker if to which would be fantastic they’re just competing with alliances one plus Nord. There are a lot more budget-orientated so-called flagship killers even though I wouldn’t say I like that term myself, so yes, I will be getting hold of one of these soon I can. I will order, one of these straight away.

    It’s releasing in China on the 14th. I believe this nonsense; I need just a few days away. It’s this week, and hopefully, we ship them to maybe next week. Next week, I will have my hands on that and give me the full index treatments.

    I thank you for watching is a little different video from mine. It’s just more of one update, and my thoughts on this fine being that, I think it will be very, very good, a super promising fine from show me.

    Galaxy Buds Plus from an AirPods Pro/Cover By Saira

    And allow you to seamlessly connect and switch between multiple devices that super lovely and you get this little pop-up.

    When you open your AirPods, he tells you the battery life of a case in the. Visual bugs,

    But plus, it is honest to connect to a job C. smartphone. You open the buds right next to your galaxy C. flip, tap the connect button like this.

    The thing is, you get all these little pop-ups asking if you want to allow specific permissions, and stuff like that is annoying but notice you do get it. Wait a minute. You get another pop-up asking for permission. No, I don’t want to.

    Hell disallowed fine. This is the frustrating part of this whole thing but notices me try to show you again see you do get the battery life,

    But it’s but case, that is nice you get a complete overview of your charging situation. There is no widget you have on iOS, so that’s the downside.

    But on the plus side, Simpson does have dedicated apps for wearables. They call it the galaxy wearable hap, so when you open it up, you can go in and customizing configure your galaxy but plus to your liking. It’s going to get it set up here.

    More petitions, so you can see, is not polished, not intuitive it is on me, and this is crazy, not intuitive it is on the iPhone. I mean, that’s that goes without saying.

    You see it for yourself right here, all right so. Get. So let’s go ahead in there we go, so now we have all these options,

    You to change your equalizer in many other settings your battery life at the top we’ll talk about more in the sack. But, before that, I want to talk about the fit because this was the critical area,

    I thought the galaxy buds the original galaxy, but we’re better than the original AirPods.


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