My Friend’s Gift iPhone 12 Pro Max/Cover By Asad Malik

My Friend's Gift iPhone 12 Pro Max
My Friend's Gift iPhone 12 Pro Max

I run, so I don’t think I’ll be making a video like this, I feel let down and fold by Apple with the iPhone 12 prime Max, and I’ll explain why but first off, I drove 220 calamitous on Friday around a trip to get my hands on this.

The best VR performance and a smartphone ever the baseline I performance-based video stabilization the best of the best of the best, and that was going to be this now.

I bought this both a total for the channel and my personal use that was the plan of 1300 years. It’s a lot of money to spend on a fine but if I can use this when I go out to use it a backup, say B. ro camera, instead of taking my large tripod and everything, this would fit a youtube is needs because it’s going to have the best.

I was action now. I had the 12 products amazing fine takes a fantastic photo amazing video, but I was just a little bit let down with some of the performance with the video sometimes there was this pulsing going on with the exposure.

There were sorry problems with the microphone sometimes sounding very, very muffled at times. I know people say using might,

that’s not the Point out of fines didn’t sound muffled simultaneously and then the stabilization.

Yes, I was shaking in kind of all over the place. Many things were going on, but because the 12 prime Max has the since the shifting technology. All those claims and I saw that sample footage from Apple on the launch the president saw that and was a fantastic shop by professionals, of course.

And they put me you son Stevie can gamble set up to get that amazing footage Albano I thought, if I can get some waving close to that, we’re not even close to that bad at least have the best performance. It’s going to be a big step up over the 12, so I ended up buying that, of course, this one.

and so when I got it straight out camera comparisons. .com look at the results, and that’s what it said on that horrible sinking feeling like on our website done I should double the spine.

And it isn’t, and don’t take my word for it check out all the camera comparisons from other U. G. business that it down side by side comparisons of the 12 Prague and the 12 pro-Max, and from my experience in using both of them,

I can say no real visible difference, maybe a little more highlights in some of the photography.

But the census shift technology doesn’t seem to be doing anything at all, and I thought it help with the video quality or less, It does take a much better image.

But sadly, it’s very disappointing there in that regard,

that is why the buyer’s remorse he said in a little bit now I know a lot of people going to say hang on. Still, you’ll need to so much different than others that’s not fair to say that, and that is true. We focus a lot on the cameras.

You chew biz bot this is all around an amazing fine let’s talk a bit of my experience with that sorry amazing performance from the A. 14. It is perfect, very fast, one of the most closed finds I have ever used.

it’s amazing how the screen is stuck to 60 hertz to having all that performance. Still, we can exceed 60 frames per second a disappointing Apple didn’t do that, so it feels like they left a few things behind. They can use that for the 12 S. models, right.

They can give us an idea hit screen name, so it’s got a fantastic screening, that I have seen this year. But, the end is amazing on the iPhone 12 dive into a problem.

And the prime makes it very, very good battery life. Thankfully this is one of my gripes, one of my complaints with the 12 Prague. I couldn’t make it through a full day of my use this one. Luckily, I can say I’m happy.

I am happy with a better life at city place for performance now speakers on this and some of the best that I’ve had in a fine they’re vibrant and friendly to have to be up in the top 3 funds define. But we still have, you know, a dated-looking design now with the notch the lightning connector here.

Why is it not tied to Apple? I can put Joe nano Sims into this. I can’t run module sense which I like to do my funds to the compromises that to add up and in the times we’re living in now.

I have to wear a mask when I go out by law so they. Face unlocking face ID works great, but it doesn’t work when you go to Moscow because of its kind, of course, C. annoys him and calculates things. So they probably still have independence all the time.

If I just put the touch ID on the bottom and ample knew about this, why did they add it? They’ve got the resources. They could have done it, but they didn’t. They held back, I mean.

They could have done so many things more with this fun, and it feels like it’s all intentional to me now because it’s no charger in the box, so the first thing when we walked into the Apple store was Sir, would you like a challenge.

It doesn’t have a job just because I know Apple is trimming down on their waste, okay this is Brian this is suitable for saving the environment’s carbon footprint I love it.

I’m all for that, but it is so into saving the environment they need to get rid of this. This is the worst thing because all the rest of the packaging biodegradable eventually breaks down, but this plastic, I don’t think it is, maybe.

I’m wrong maybe it does break down, but still, they need to get rid of that plastic and take a look at this. Why is it so thank such a lightbox because my charger, I think about it, can ship twice the amount on the same hello before said.

I’ve just copied their shipping costs by half that’s all down to profits in the Ames all these movies to get you to buy the supplementary charges, so that is why I am let down by this day’s links in the description of this video.

Where do we go live in nice camera comparisons? A blind camera comparison test there check it out because it will feel a lot of people. It’s not intentional to a full year, but we’ll have a tiny bit of. Brands by us, I think, okay.

As you go into that, you think okay, so I’ve been told by Max it will be the best fine, mainly because I put up against cheaper funds. That is where it stops there for me full down disappoint and that Apple marketing.

You got a minute. It is bright. It’s sold me; I thought I would get the best in the video performance, and it’s not fun the best if a lot of tiger fans. Sadly I’m not, but who knows, maybe future updates are going to come through.

And it’s going to prove it. it already does another thing to Point out thermal throttling on the 12 probably was a bit of a problem I saw was getting very hot. Thankfully, the important fine dissipates more hate, of course, roubles down 9 percent.

So far in my tasting, this is about a 24 percent performance loss on the 12 products, so this is the model to get, and if you have the iPhone I live in, probably Max should you get the 12 prime Max, I would say no.

I think you are going to get buyer’s remorse. You will get you going to go wow I like this great ages it’s such a lovely farm when is that 2 years it is the same when you see their performance the photo performance and a lot of performance pretty much.

The same it’s not a big there Bob it’s a teeny weeny 1 that’s when your guy, the same yep you got it sorry, the trial probably got 1111 proud say keep it down have cried save.

Your money and so sadly I wanted to love this phone I did I love my I pad prize I’m that of an Apple fan, but that’s fine if it doesn’t do it for me sadly sorry it’s going to be going back.


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