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Top New iPhone 8 Features
Top New iPhone 8 Features

This is Jeff Benjamin with 9 to 5 mac in this video. We’re going to be looking at the iPhone 8 and looking at the iPhone 8 plus deal.

this isn’t your traditional video review as we have did in the past with the last iPhone releases. We’re going to be looking at some of the top features from the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus,

and it’s not going to be just the rundown of the top features.

But we are going to look at some of the features that aren’t so good. My goal is to show you why these features are good or why they are not, but the main thing that I took away from this test is that although the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 8 look very similar, the iPhone 8 is a significant upgrade.

I think many people should consider that said I do realize, the iPhone 10 is looming large on the horizon. So we will talk about that a little bit, but this is all about the iPhone 8, and at the end of this article, I think you’ll probably agree that this is an awesome update.

15 great iPhone 8 features, let’s start with the glass back, one of the most obvious physical changes to the iPhone 8 compared to the iPhone 7 now. But, of course, glass backs are nothing new for Apple.

The iPhone 4 in the iPhone 4 S. both had glass backs in. Honestly, those are some of my favorite iPhones far the design is concerned.

I know the iPhone 8 is the same design the iPhone 6, but the addition of that glass back makes it seem a little more modern thank you for not seeing me drop my phone camera.

But there are plenty of YouTubers willing to accommodate you, but Apple does say that this is the most durable glass ever in a smartphone. They work directly with Corning to create something even more robust than Gorilla glass 5, yeah, although.

There are new space grey and silver finishes for the iPhone 8. However, most will agree that the stand-up in age for this generation is the new gold finish.

It’s not flashy the old gold, and it’s not. It’s pink is rose gold.

Apple’s A. 11 bionic processor lives up to its name. Look at the difference between the iPhone 7 plus on the left in the iPhone 8 and the right look at that multi-core score.

Now compare that with my 20175 P. mech that just launched this past June.

Crazy right major props to Apple’s in-house chip designers. Speaking of in-house chip design, Apple, for the very first time with the iPhone 8 design, it’s own in-house GPU 30 percent faster,

then the A. 10 is more power-conscious to boot, so here is the iPhone 7 compute score compared with the iPhone 8. Add a score. Do you start seeing benefits from this win games after lunch that supports?

The new metal 2 API look for more details on that soon the iPhone 8 get 25 percent louder speakers put better low in response you can see that the waveform differences the left is the iPhone 7 the right is the iPhone 8 let’s listen in. For those of you.

Who has been keeping up with our videos? You know I’m crazy about the actual tone display on the iPad pro. For the first time, he comes to the iPhone with no real toll. I medically your iPhone’s production based on the ambient lighting around.

this provides consistent colors in a better overall reading experience. This is what you don’t own, and this is with 2 tones disable noticed the screen is a little cooler in this example of nail 2 tone is great to have on the iPhone, no doubt.

But it makes a significant difference on the large iPad pro. So there’s just a little side point. if you enjoy these videos glands of scribe and click the notification button to join the notification squad for 9 to 5 mac.

The only iPhone 8, you’re going to notice haptic feedback whenever you press the shutter button in the camera app. This is a new feature that iPhone 8 only can feel when you successfully pressed the shutter button.

And it works with the physical shutter button using the volume keys on your phone, but it’s not just about the haptic feedback. There’s significantly reduced shutter lag, so you can take more photos with an iPhone 8 than you can with an iPhone 7 in the same period.

What D. true tone flash gets an additional feature on the iPhone aid called slow sync in this combines a slow shutter speed with the short straw polls in this results in significantly better looking low light photos when using the flash.

So I’m going to take a photo. This is my iPhone 7. By the way, I’m going to take a picture with the flash on my iPhone 7 to know what? You to see how it looks in a green right. The foreground subjects are lit, but the background is completely dark.

So now, let’s try the same test. With the iPhone 8 can already tell there’s better lighting thanks to the larger 12-megapixel sensor. So let’s look at these low-light photos with the flash enabled. Let’s check it out. Yep, that looks much better. You get a properly exposed background in a well-lit foreground well.

So here it is, the iPhone 7. In the iPhone 8, no comparison when it comes to low light photos with that flash enabled. The iPhone 8 is arguably 1 of the best video cameras out that you can buy right now.

Because you not only get nailed 1424 frames per second which a lot of videographers like to use, it gives you that nice film look you know last you would have to go out to the apps store and purchase a third-party app to enable 4 K. video at 24 frames per second.

Now it’s native within the stock camera app, and that is a great thing. Of course, videographers love to use 24 frames per second to pull out that natural film, but honestly, the deal this time around, yes, 4860 frames per second.

You do realize that most high-end consumer cameras can’t even do that, right I mean, the T. H. 5 does it, but most cameras in that price range do not do 40 at 60 frames per second internally.

But the I. phony does in its crazy no, unfortunately, this video shot at 24 frames per second, so you really can’t see the effect of 60 frames per second, but if you click the link right here in the upper right-hand corner, you can see this video at 60 frames per second. But Apple didn’t stop there. There’s support for 1080 P. full HD at 240 frames per second, yes full HD 240 frames per second for silky smooth slow motion.

That’s why I say that the iPhone 8 is 1 of the best video cameras you can get right now especially its price, so let’s look at some slow-motion video. This is 1080 P. upscaled, for K. At 240 frames per second and silky smooth, let’s do the obligatory water splash there we go. This crazy, right. The optical image stabilization on the iPhone 7 and 7 plus was already amazing.

This is handheld footage just walking around and moving up and down. All right now, let’s compare the iPhone 8. Scene handheld footage, I think the iPhone 8 plus. Prison noticeably more stable. Video it’s not drastically more stable, but it is noticeably. where I believe you are going to notice this is with handheld photos.

So when you’re shooting a photo handheld. Again, with no sort of stabilizer, you will get better low light shots because of that larger sensor, but the stability comes into play so that Sherri speaking drop provides. You with better light,

do you still get a crispy clear photo? For the iPhone 8 plus, Apple has enhanced the shallow depth of field effect portrait mode feature that first debuted with the iPhone 7 plus nail. In addition, you get dynamic studio lighting effects using one of 5 different lighting styles Annapolis calling this portrait lighting.

And the great thing about portrait lighting is that the effect is nondestructive hints you can go in a post in add or change the lighting style or remove it. Neil, this is arguably one of the flagship features for the iPhone 8 plus.

And it’s something that differentiates it from the iPhone 8. Just keep in mind that portrait lighting is in beta, so it’s not perfect. We’ll talk about that a little bit later one of our 5 not so good things.

And then we have wireless charging, something that has been in a long time coming for the iPhone. It’s finally here. You can find movie wireless chargers on the Apple store. I think the bill can make one that Apple is selling in their store.

and it works, although there are some caveats to consider,

which we’ll talk about in a second, and then lastly,

there is support for fast charging another finally right if you purchase Apple’s 29 white USB C. adapter along with the USB C. to lightning cable.

You’ll notice that the iPhone 8 supports faster charging speeds now. Let’s talk about 5 not so good features. I was hoping.

I would have to bring this up again, but yes, it’s 2017. Apple still includes the stupid slow 5-watt adapter in the box doesn’t make sense. And although wireless charging is here. And it’s nice to have.

It’s still just a slow is a stupid 51 adapter if not slower thankfully, there will be a free iOS update in the future that allows for faster 7.5 what wireless charging.

And then me listening nor it this is the scene basic design the iPhone 6 that came out back in 2014.

Yeah, we have the new glass back, and that is nice, but this is still basically the same phone as the iPhone 6, so just from a pure change perspective, you can see why the iPhone 10 design is so appealing.

And then there’s portrait lighting which I established is in the beta right, so it’s not fully baked yet Apple still shifted and promoted it as a feature, and I’ve noticed that you can view it pretty ugly at times, depending on your shot.

In the end, probably the biggest not-so-good thing is the fact that the iPhone 10 exists. I know some people hate the so-called notch, but I mean, it’s a brand new iPhone-designed something.

We haven’t seen it in several years, this is the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus these are amazing phones. I think anyone who buys one of these will be primarily satisfied, if you’re an avid photographer or if your videographer.

The camera features alone are worth the price of admission, in my opinion, and remember that this phone shares the same process here with the iPhone 10, so they are virtually the same when it comes to power, so keep that in mind. What do you think? Let me know in the comments. This is Jeff with 9 to 5 mac.


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