The Hisense 100-Inch Laser TV Review /Cover By Asad Malik

The Hisense 100-Inch Laser TV Review
The Hisense 100-Inch Laser TV Review

Hey, guys, Welcome back to the channel where we take awesome out of the box. Now, before E, C, Q, I got to visit the over at Hisense in their office to check out one of their latest products.

I’m talking about their laser TV that I first heard about at CBS earlier this year.

And guys, I got the test drive for many hours, so I’m here to share my experience with you. In this article. But before I begin, I just want to wish you guys.

Remember to stay vigilant, guys, stay home if you can. OK, so first things first, guys. The Hisense Laser TV isn’t your traditional TV.

It’s an ultra-short throw projector that gives you an image of 100 inches at 4 Fourcade resolution. and a wireless subwoofer.

But we’ll talk about the speaker a little bit later.

It sits really close to the wall, eight inches. So even though the main unit is a bit of a big boy, you can still get really clean. Speaking of which, guys, I really didn’t get to see the setup,

the over at Hisense says it’s incredibly easy.

Just place the laser TV console on the table, hang the screen and calibrate to align both.

Now, They will set up everything for you if you decide to purchase the Hisense laser TV. Now, I said earlier, the projector itself is big and kind of reminds me of my grandpa’s old school sound setup,

but it is far from being old school.

The laser TV features a unique laser projector technology called X Fusion. and color reproduction thanks to a dual-color laser in red and blue.

So your traditional projectors that use bulbs really pale in comparison.

Honestly, guys, I thought the image looked great. We were able to test out some games on the PS4 pro using the Hisense Laser TV, and I really wish that we could have borrowed it.

Hopefully, we’re one of them. Or you can binge-watch Netflix shows and see your favorite dramas become larger than life with a few précis of their remote,

has all the apps laid out for easy access.

Now, just in case,

you are wondering, yes, and outputs on the back.

You’re getting a total of four HDMI ports to USP ports, an Ethernet port,

many reports for audio. And since it is a TV, an RF antenna.

Now, I already mentioned that a setup,

but you’re getting a speaker right up in front.

Hisense, work for the guys over at Harman Kardon. So you’re getting a great audio experience to go along with the fantastic pictures.

Now, granted, we did test out the Hisense laser TV and their mini cinema setup,

it gets plenty loud. And I said the audio quality. Now the price for the 100 inch Hisense laser TV, which is 745000 Basile’s.

So who do I think this is for? Aside from the people who can afford this luxury? Honestly, guys, I think this would be something perfect in a sports bar or other events, spaces that can use it.

the experience of customers and, of course, make a little bit of that money back.

Now, the reason why I think it’s perfect for that of the tech they use.

Plus its Fourcade and supports HDR, but they have an EMC or motion enhancement in motion compensation,

So you feel like you’re closer to the action or that you’re there.

Aside from that, guys, they do throw in that 100-inch ambient rejection screen. So if you want to watch a boxing match or the NBA finals, they are usually in the morning.

So you won’t have to worry about that sunlight because the name suggests, Plus, the console gets really bright.

But if you do have a bigger venue, then it’s easy enough to hook up for a more immersive experience.

So, yeah, guys, this is definitely not going to be for everyone.

I mean, much I would like one, I don’t think it would work in my apartment because of its size.

But if this is something that can help you make money or increase the value of your business or heck,

if you just want to build a sweet home cinema setup,

Again, guys, the 100 inch Hisense laser TV is priced at 745000 parcels. And if you do buy it, they will.

Right to your doorstep and help you set it up. it will definitely be after ACTU.

So that’s pretty much it, guys. Thank you for spending a few minutes with me.

If you have questions, leave a Downbelow and I’ll try to get to them soon I can. For all the latest tech news and gather views.

God bless. And I’ll see you guys next time. Stay safe, guys.

Akitio Thunder3 eGPU + GTX 1050 Ti + MacBook Pro/Cover By Minal

I am enjoying the gaming benefits of the A. TDO note thunder 3 PCIe box yes in E. G. P. U. in factor. So here I have the 13 inches 2016 MacBook pro with integrated Intel iris 550 graphics know these graphics are okay for just your regular day-to-day things but when playing games.

It’s severely inadequate,

you do have these thunderbolt 3 ports in. These thunderbolt 3 ports can allow you to tap into the power of something like this is an external PCIe box. We’re going to use it an external GPU, although.

It isn’t intended for that because look how small it is. Yep, that is an iPhone 7 plus to illustrate the scale.

Now you do have room for a duel with the card. You have dual Thunderbolt 3 ports you can daisy chain.

There’s a DisplayPort output, and there is a power input, and of course, you have the 2 tiny thumb screws there for removing the cover on the bottom of the Acadia attended 3. You have these 4 reprobates to keep it stabilized on your desk.

You have the beautiful perforated friend cover to facilitate airflow in the fan that resides behind that cover, so that is the walk-around of the Acadia thunder 3. So let’s go ahead and crack this thing open and see what lives in.

So the first thing you’re going to need to do is unscrew the thumbscrews on the back. There are 2 of them, and it makes it easy to remove the cover.

So you can slide the internal chassis out just like that super-simple removal, which is what the thunder 3 looks like in society. You have the mainboard there. You have the PCIe slot. You have a fan.

And something is interesting about that fan that I’ll talk about here in just a second, but you can see that this thing is tiny, and it’s only going to small fit cards, so here’s another view of the internals.

And let’s talk about that fan now because I’ve replaced that’s not the original fan right there. This is a replacement fan because the stop being is ridiculously loud is super obnoxious, so I highly recommend replacing this fan right here.

Because even if you’re not using this, I want to replace that fan because it runs when the unit is powered on, and that fan is just so loud and obnoxious I couldn’t believe it in. Replacing the fan takes about 15 minutes.

You will need to splice and wires the red and black wire, the stock connector so that you can plug in this fan here. This is not to a fan. It is much quieter.

It melts using the mail tolls. Then, all you need to do is spliced the wire onto the connector.

super easy, and honestly, that’s probably the most challenging thing about this entire install net took only 15 minutes,

you can see, there’s not a lot of room to work here. It’s tiny.

So what we’re going to have to do is use a GPU that is well,

that’s why I opted for this right here. This is the EVGA GeForce GTX 1050 TI. It is about 5.7 inches long, and that is going to fit perfectly in the appeal. The new 3 lookout is small that thing is no. Unfortunately, Pascale drivers for mac OS are not available. That is why we have to use windows to use this card.

Because there aren’t mac OS drivers for Pascal cards like the GTX 1050 in the 10601070, it’s the address you could see the HDMI 2.0 portrayed here, and there’s a DisplayPort 1.4 shown here.

And you have a DVI port,

you have everything you need to get started now. I mentioned that this GPU does not require PCIe power using a 6 plus 2 pin adapter. There’s nowhere on the device for it gets its power from this right here, the PCIe slot, unfortunately.

The stock power adapter can only feed 25 whites to the PCIe slot instead of the total 75 what’s. The good news is that the 23 can accept up to 120 watts of power so that you can buy a new power.

And it works out of the box—no modifications in this. It’s goofy that total 75 watts to the PCI slot so that I can run this GTX 1050 TI perfectly, so it just slides into the PDO 23 like that.

And then I need to tighten down the dumb screens like this. So it will speed up a little bit on the next crew in like this.

There we go done, so now you slide the chassis back in the tees like this and then tightened the screws like this. Okay, so directly, we plug in the barrel connector for the new power.

but it’s very, very short. You’re probably going to want to invest in something a little bit longer, but it will get you by in the pan.

So you plug into one of the thunderbolt 3 ports on the back of the thunder 3,

and then you plug into your MacBook pro like that. And we did, so now we’re going to fire up windows boot camp.

And we have an easy-to-follow tutorial on how to install windows on your MacBook pro using boot camp. We installed windows 10, and that’s what I’m going to bleed into right now, so if you need a tutorial, look right there above. You can find it.

The nice thing about the 23 is that it powers on only when there’s a thunderbolt 3 connection.

So you can keep it plugged in, and it will come only when you connect your MacBook pro. So the first thing we need to do is go to start settings, and I’m going to click where it says devices, and then we want to go down to device manager.

Click that and open up device manager, and you can see this. Although the driver is not installed eventually, it will try to automatically install the driver.

And you can see there Nvidia G. force GTX 1050 TI, the G. force drivers. So you can open up the search engine and type G. force drivers, which should bring up.

The driver download page here. On India’s website, click on that, and there we go, so now all you need to do is select the type of system you’re using in the G. P. U. you’re using them. Doing so right here sped up a little bit for you guys.

And that looks good, so we click start search. Indeed should bring up some results here. Yes, it did. See right here. The G. force a game-ready driver. You click on that. In then click where it says Adrian continue.


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