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50 New WatchOS 5 Features
50 New WatchOS 5 Features

How’s it going, This is chatting with Benjamin with a 9 to 5 mac in this video. We talk about 50 different watches was by peaches.

please leave me a thumbs up and let me know. Let’s get started. We have an activity App competition to go and challenge your friends to a 7-day match.

the competition to tell you your status in whoever earns. Now the winner will receive a special competition award which you can find in the awards tab.

So if you come out on top in that 7-day competition, you’ll receive one of these right here. Another thing you’ll find in the activity App is a start workout reminders in workout reminder handy.

When you accidentally forget to start your workouts now, the workout app has many new features. You saw the yoga workout, but there’s a hiking workout that is cool, and then.

There’s automatic workout detection. you will get an alert when it senses you’ve completed the workout or when it feels you started to work out but forget to stir. There’s a slightly modified button style.

So you can see they’re more oval-shaped than circle-shaped. I have noticed that the little animation in the upper left-hand corner of an in-progress workout is now more minor and may have something to do with the additional data. Here is your workout screen.

They are peace alerts that you can enable by tapping the options button little ellipsis button. So you’ll see there at the bottom tap peace alert in there.

You can set up piece alerts, you can set your alert there, a rolling or average peace alert by just tapping one of these options right here in the signal.

But US 5 includes Keaton’s A. K. A. steps per minute or S. PM. You can see it right here now. Finally, OS 5 allows you to access the notification.

Which both watches were. For Ian, watch west 5 can do, you can’t do on the last versions, so I have the timer app open here.

watch OS 4 and see what happens. Nothing happens because and surveillance was for, but if you tap and hold at the top, she was 5 and swiped down.

Yeah, that is awesome in speaking of notifications. For example, you now have grouped notifications watch OS 5, so watch US 5 is, of course, on the left eye was 4 on the right see.

If you have a bunch of text message notifications but look at the seam batching notifications on watch was 5 appears a group, so if I have a bunch of different notifications from different apps.

I’m not inundated with just a whole swath of notifications. You can instantly manage notifications in watch OS 5 if you swipe over. You will now see in addition to the ax in the ellipses button.

Which gives you instant management 4 your notification,

so you can choose to do to deliver those quietly. Of course, you can choose to turn off notifications altogether,

no big surprise, very similar to what you find in iOS 12.

You can access the control middle with an app, so it’s not just a notification middle, of course. So, for example, you can access the control middle for the watch face in both watch was 4 and 5 but notice what happens.

When you open up an app and try to invoke the control middle much was for the right. Nothing happens.

But watch Tappan hold swipe up in March was 5. You can access the control middle from your applications and the watch face, but it doesn’t stop there.

The goodness doesn’t stop there, You can rearrange your control middle toggles. Swipe up like this. It will reveal an edit button. You don’t get that edit button on the last version of the watch OS.

But you do on watch was 5, and now you tap and hold and drag to rearrange the toggles to your liking, so let’s go ahead with a flashlight button up there to use it pretty often didn’t do it right that time.

Let’s go ahead try that again tetrad in release just like that, so you are done, tap Done at the bottom of the screen like this,

Let’s talk about E.’s much more subtle change. When you invoke airplane mode on watch was 5 you’ll notice that the toggles are not dark they are on look OS 4,

You’ll see a lot more subtle little details like this in this latest update. Then, finally, you hear something that many of us have been clamoring about for some time.

Now the ability to connect directly to a wifi network right from the watch, which is something.

We couldn’t do it before. It always relied on the iPhone, but now you can type the password using scribble in join a wifi network your watch without using your iPhone. So that is a very, very nice feature.

Now let’s talk about new apps. First of all, the walkie-talkie app, which gives you a push-to-talk service right there from the Apple Watch to communicate with regard was 5 users.

We’ll have more details on that because you can see, it’s not quite ready. There is a walkie-talkie complication that you’ll find.

So that will be a companion tool for the walkie-talkie App. it works, besides only have one watch list by the device it is anyway, so even if it did work, I wouldn’t be able to test it out looking forward to it. However, there’s a new podcast app.

We’ve been warning for some time now that there is a native podcast App US 5 that will automatically download your favorite podcasts.

Which is cool. You can go in there and connect your AirPods or other Bluetooth headset and start listening to your podcasts on the go, so this will allow you to access your favorite podcasts.

You can go into the no planes section. There’s a library section that you can go into a just tap on that, and then you can tap on episodes to view all episodes, or you can go into a show.

And then view the episode to relate to that same shows. You can see the 9 to 5 mac daily podcast has all the latest episodes right there at your disposal, and unsurprisingly, there’s a podcast app complication to go along with the brand new podcast app.

And you’ll be able to do this play the exponent podcast, so you’ll be able to use your apple podcasts just like that’s not quite working the millers get into some more new ones detail starting with watch.

There is a new peach color available you can see there’s an orange apricot scroll to the next one here watch was for you see orange, but if you scroll to the next one here, you see the peach.

So peach is new, and watch OS 5. There’s a flashlight color that you see right here. So what’s new on the left watch was 5. There’s a denim blue color.

So you can see dark teal scrolling watch was for midnight blue but if I scroll much was 5 he did denim blue that’s new. So you can’t show it to you, but there’s an update.

So you can watch a face that will accommodate third-party cards, so you’ll be able to access third-party information right there from the C. watch face but what I can show you is a new great color for this year you watch going to customize here.

You see those 2 dots now you can swipe over. You can do that watch was 4 and then change the color to a gray color, which looks pretty cool. So let’s check that out see what it looks like.

All right, so there’s the amazing color, and here’s the standard color that you get a watch was for which one do you like better all right so now let’s talk about the weather app and some of the changes there.

You can now add or remove cities directly from the weather app. You don’t have to do so from your iPhone first so you can see their watch was 5 ad city use dictation or scribble to add that city.

And you can remove a city just by force touching and then tapping remove to remove that city. You can’t do that here. We’ll watch for now. You can tap between the different parameters here self.

If I tap here on watch, it takes me to 10 days, but if I tap your, I can switch between rain temperature conditions to switch between those on lookout OS 4.

But you have to force touch the screen like this to switch between them, so it’s a little more convoluted than it is on watch OS 5, but it doesn’t stop there. You can scroll to view things like the air quality UV index.

It’s centrifuge happen to watch OS 4 it just takes you to the 10 days but would you get new data air quality UV index wind speed and you get your 10 days on top of that if you scroll the digital crown all watch was for basically.

It just takes you to the following location that you have configured in your list. Yeah, not cool now. Let’s talk about the world clock app starting with a different location list color scheme. It’s for gore to location list. You can see that the color scheme here has that great color on the orange.

But you have orange in orange on watch OS 4, but you can scroll down and had the city directly from the world clock app you can’t do than watch for, of course, you can use dictation or scribble to do so there’s sunrise.

And sunset glyphs instead of the text that you see on watch OS 4, so it’s a cleaner look, in my opinion, all right, so the timer app,

It is now a little bit larger in the watch was 5 in its origins you can see there in March was 5 you’ll find the current section at the bottom of the timer app in this current section.

So it knows. You probably want to use it again, so it allows you to quickly access custom timers right there at the bottom of the interface. You can’t watch OS 4 now in the mail app when you use the pool. This is what you.

Your watch was for just a little circle spinning thing, but the look was 5. So it’s a little more descriptive.

Auto-refresh and watch were 5 would tell you when your mail was last updated, just like that. so notice here watch OS 4. Guess what it says here? The full version of this message is available on the Apple Watch, but you can read it on your iPhone.

But here the watch was 5. So yeah, you can see web content directly from your wrist. a new message in what US 5 enjoy notes, and redesigned controls when filling in Millfield self.

I tap to add a subject. You could see the buttons are slightly changed. So, Milly’s Mosey, on over to the settings app and find out what’s new there. You’ll find E. website data section under for clearing website data.

Now and there are rearrange text size settings. So you go in there.

You can see how it’s been flip-flopped the text size. I noticed it could be a bug, but I’ve noticed that the prominent haptics removed in watches 5.

Where is it still much less for Millis to briefly discuss a few other app updates? For example, does the messages app have a new button layout at the bottom?


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