One Of The Best Device Sabrent Rocket Q 8TB Review/Cover By Asad Malik

    One Of The Best Device Sabrent Rocket Q 8TB Review
    One Of The Best Device Sabrent Rocket Q 8TB Review

    8—-The 8TB NVMe SSD! Sabrent Rocket Q 8TB Review

    Hi Ron Sir, I’ve got a crazy operate here for people that need just the maximum amount of storage, and their laptops are up until recently, I thought.

    We only had VMAs with a potential topped out at about 2 terabytes, and that was it that has changed thanks recently to quadruple level cell take that means.

    I can fit bets on a single cell, we now have 8 terabytes.

    Let that sink in for a while. I terabytes that is just a massive amount of data here, so this is the rocket cute cold was sent out to me from cyber it’s for me to review.

    so I’m going to install it now show you the process of putting the is a state in the of course into this laptop to going to need it in the slot R. as in test on this drive we’ll see how it performs I will monitor the temperatures too and give me a little bit of information on this drive so this is the box it comes in

    And you notice that there’s a sticker on it. It says we have free Acronis accurate image cloning software, so this makes it easy this off with I have included here the decline of your already existing drive onto this new capacity.

    so it is in a little 10 in keeping that’s expensive drive safe from good telescope disaster, and here we got a bit of paperwork, so this is just a separate rocket Q. series installation guides

    And his the drive Sir under this 8 terabytes, that is amazing the geek in me is just going while while while I’m holding in my hand here 8 terabyte storage in such a small form factor.

    so the label on the top here is using copper below it, so that’s a bit of a heat sink for those flash chips, not a flash chip on this one after micron. The controller is said prince argument that they use.

    And it on the net flash chips on the back here, I install with low capacities,

    they only have it on the one side here but because we’ve got 8 terabytes on this model on both sides.

    So I mean install this now into my laptop and quickly show you how to do that. So this is going to vary from notebook to not buckle that company we like to call them now some other notebooks.

    The sometimes the rub fate when this Case here is a read me books 16 that I am reviewing in the channel. It’s a perfect laptop to use.

    Because it only has a single M. V. any slot with a set of 3 drives installed in it, which is not fast, here we have the internals of this particular laptop every laptop will look slightly different.

    So you want to confirm before even getting this far that your particular notebook your laptop does support in VMA now, many systems do you have a similar looking slot here. Still, you find that it’s only set to 3. I know that this one supports a 3 and A. M. V. any drives, so once you are located in 1 Screw to remove.

    As you can see right there at that, I’ve removed and then you sought this one outside your is this day could have some like this one shooting around it that can be removed you can say this is a setter 3 Dr and that is now out and out of the way now to install this it’s just the same prices push it in.

    And then you need to Screw-down, but I wanted to Point out that I don’t see with other drives look at this site when you look at this other cyber drive I have. See how this note net flashes right there.

    But with this one, that means this part is a little thicker than the NVMe drive because of the large capacity. This item about the model has the flash chip via lower capacities,

    probably will not be. I’m not too sure. So installing it here because of all that heaviness 8 was set up a little bit, and that means the PCB here is flexing just a little bit. That’s probably the only real con.

    I know that other laptop brands do not have part of the PCB right here some of them have this slot right on the end so you will not have this problem it is just with this particular drive.

    So that slots and then and then, of course, I’m going to Screw in place, and looking at now,

    I don’t think this will be a problem at all. It’s barely flexing their PCP, so it’ll be fine, so I won’t bore you with all the technical stuff too much here, but this is to Point out that yes, it’s using Q.

    Alsace that’s how they have Capacities the full but to sell they talked about in the intro, and you can say it’s supporting bright trim,nds, of course, that’s all they have been there for a long time.

    And then it has wear leveling over provision means we don’t get the total function of the drive this is for the reliability to increase that of course. So I took a bit of the reliability but first to Point out that I still don’t have other apps instilled apart from a few benchmark applications here with windows clean windows.

    It gets us, and then we have 70 or more bites. Okay, that’s very good. That’s all much storage, and just on one drive,

    that is a lot there for that, so the measures,

    I have run these have all been run individually, of course.

    Let the drive cool down to show you the maximum Biskind results. Yes, we are very close to the claim, especially the rights that are pretty much spot on in crystal this market H. benchmark has slightly different figures, okay.

    And we look at random raids. They are very, very good here. So is the amazing server very close to their claims you’d expect it’s going to vary slightly here?

    And then I S. is the benchmark and famous when the other people like to see too you can see similar speeds. Still, they are a bit lower. They always come through lower, all with this particular benchmark here slightly different even above from the transferring of one gigabyte falls measuring those speeds.

    It seemed to be a different result so that it can be this with the on drive speed goes down to one of these benchmarks benchmark your arm drive, I did is AT T. O. disk benchmark this one shows you of course like all drives that the smaller file size in bytes here.

    And going to give us a lower speed into we get up to the logic you can see the transfer rates there we are looking at up to almost 3 gigabytes again very close to the claim said that’s great what about temperatures stressing the drive belts.

    and doing all this, I have noticed that it’s going to get up to a maximum of about 64 degrees, sorry.

    It is, yes it’s hot to the touch. This is normal, and you can see this in all NVMe drives they do get hot, and that’s why you’ll see later on that lots of people do end up installing heat sinks on top of them they will pass and what not just to help a little bit because they do trouble down the hot at the house. So hence, they get this is an amazing running drive.

    I do see my Samsung. I have installed my desktop PC one gets into the mid-seventies and even a late seventies and quite a bit hotter I don’t have a heat sink on that one at all. It’s just if, to collect net said select done.

    So very good, and in terms of reliability here, you can have a look that it does very here with the specs on what you can get in terms of the total the terabytes written Sir with this capacity to 8 terabytes 1800 that’s very high that is good.

    And then when you look at the in the meantime. So I am before failure for all of the capacities,

    it is getting up to almost 2000000 hours there, so that is very good and because we got a 5-year warranty with this.

    So using the control panel here from the saying branch, you can view the drive’s health. If you’ve had one for a year, it’s been doing a lot of rights. You can use this to check on how it is. This is based on spot info. You can see the drive’s temperature, bright details, and firmware upgrades. At the time of this video, there is no carriage, my updates on the latest, then wait with this particular one here and a bit more visible all right, Sir, that’s a total capacity to see these advancements.

    Now, what are his days moving up in terms of what we can squeeze on to just a single drive with that new tech they coming forward I terabytes that’s a massive amount of data to redo that I would say more for professionals course someone that’s got a workstation.

    You move many large archive files, video files backups insight that perhaps for a server rack and you don’t have a lot of space and this is what this is all about if you’re someone that needs just the significant capacity possible.

    They had a hit with this drive, and I forget that it doesn’t cause have a 5-year warranty. However, looking at their website, it does have a meantime before failure and the number of terabytes.

    They can be written to this particular drive is very high there, and the price capacity bot there’s always going to be about it doesn’t come cheap of course a campaign like this.

    It is very expensive, so I don’t see games out there buying this for the gaming laptop when the drive itself is going to cost twice the amount of US a gaming laptop there,

    so thank you so much for watching this review of the same bridge rocket Q., and I do hope to see you back and the next one. Bye for now.


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