Big Difference Between iPhone 12 Pro Vs. Mi 10 Ultra Antutu/Cover By Asad Malik

    19----iPhone 12 Pro Vs. Mi 10 Ultra Antutu, Thermal Throttling, Genshin Impact FPS Lag Test
    19----iPhone 12 Pro Vs. Mi 10 Ultra Antutu, Thermal Throttling, Genshin Impact FPS Lag Test

    Hopefully, this time around, it’s the same test I did before. It’s a change and impact; I’m looking at the gaming performance the effect it has. LIKE MICROSOFT, what I’m saying is happening with the same graphics seating on the iPhone 12 prior.

    But when I did that taste, many people crowd cried failed, and they say Hey,

    So that’s why this time around, I’ve got the show meet me 10 outright here snapdragon 865. It’s going to get much ram against, and that is to just run a course Point out.

    We’re on 100 him better here on the iPhone, and it was just seconds ago hundreds St. It’s going down to 99 on the mi 10 ultra. So hence, I’ll now open up and 2 to search launch them by at about the same time they probably could it could already be in the background not lighting up.

    And what it does is run this to get a score first sight to ignore the schools because when I ran this on the iPhone 12 pro, that was after gaming for one hour, so that’s why I’m just going to tap right here to retest by for them and skip ahead.

    We’ll show you the results of this is to get out based school first before I do that one hour of gaming in getting these hot, GPU throttling is going to happen. Okay, so this is the school.

    We get between them, so about 670000 Points on the meeting truck and then 571000 on the iPhone 12 proper you can see is a big difference in the GPU schools they’re one of the benchmarks was running.

    I did see it looked like it was stuttering and lagging a little bit competed to me 10 outright here, so with my family probably about 35 degrees already on the mate 10 outrageous from this one single test here.

    And then I find it 12 product is approximately almost 30 degrees, so there’s a change in impact now and what I’m going to do is jump into the game but first let’s check the lighting performance a good a time here one to one al all game place it just stops it.

    Now and that is 5 at the same time, so which one will load into the game the quickest here straight from the lobby? It looks like the iPhone 12 before speeding ahead. Wow, that’s so quick to get into the game. That’s amazing. That is very, very fast. I think it is faster to learn it on PC.

    And the mate 10 ultras is lagging there on L. loading speed here for the game. So I just that 1’s lighting N. I’m going to set the settings on both of them to be the same just like the other tests that I did, so what I’ll do is a jump into L. sittings I K. we’re finding in here this.

    1 so graphics hit by for them to be the same psychographic sitting at this moment for them is custom. it saying because of 660 frames per second so if I put that on to 30 I use the right here was the highest on the iPhone.

    We’ll do the same, so that said on the meeting track highs possible sitting 60 frames per second demanding this is an absolute battery killer to confirm. It’s high, but I wanna hi sorry highest, and then L. frame rates 60 okay. We had done. Sun, I’m a game on both of them now. For another 58 minutes.

    And I’ll take a look and report back on the performance is what I’m going to be dropping frames and lacking I’ve seen reading on the iPhone 12 pro and just how hard are they going to get and how much battery are we going to lose so straight away.

    I’m already seeing an excellent look at the US performance, looking to see how choppy and legacy that says. On the iPhone 12 Ferrari, it feels like that G. beer is running like crazy,

    and I’m already feeling quite a bit of hate or like 3 minutes, not even that yeah 3 minutes into the game, almost 3 minutes, and look at the performance here.

    On the median truck, it doesn’t feel hot. Remember the same settings L. cast murder says. The very, very smooth dialogue here in the distance, So 50 minutes into the test now.

    And, to me, there is a little bit more static coming through on the iPhone 12 prior,

    it does feel a little bit harder. But, still, I get to that 1 out gameplay, I will then check on the thermals to keep the game running exit outs, and I will run into to taste a gang, so here if we have a look at the meeting out of the middle at 865 that is different.

    And it just feels like it so much smoother it doesn’t seem to be dropping out of frame. It is happening to me on the I am fine 12 pros here, okay, so where are you about to just over 35 minutes now.

    I’ve gameplay, and you can see it looks like when we look at the front of the devices he differently that said the meeting truck is up to 40 degrees it’s my go-to that to actual bright product.

    About 40, almost getting a bit towards 41, and the iPhone 12 Pro is about 39. So you can see it’s just going to hit.

    Sorry, a clear hot patch there you can see where the chips it’s allocated more or less from that hot patch and on the back a different story here you can see that the iPhone is getting quite a bit harder there 44 degrees this is on the back of the meeting all track about 37.5 maybe it was almost 30 I know they’ve got 40.

    Okay, but we’re looking at about almost 5 degrees almost getting updated—every guy almost about 5 degrees hotter on the back of the iPhone 12 prior. So now I’m going to exit out of both of these here in the game.

    And we are going to run and 2 cheers, so this makes sure this is clause without nothing running in the background. Same here with me 10 ultras, okay,

    So then we got off on the now running think and let’s run it and do so that’s still very warm I should just before those temperatures senator McCain and to now run that. And it will first show the result that I got when both of these funds.

    so 670000 on meeting truck this is 571000 more or less, and it’s this guy, and it is this again. Now it’s pretty interesting to note here even though the I. firing even almost simultaneously is a hit in the taste, you can say with this particular graphics test here, which is cool terracotta.

    This seems a lot smoother on the meeting out snapdragon 865 sets of end up now the N. 2 to run I’ve done now after 1-hour gaming by for the devices were quite warm.

    You can see them clearly to me. The A. 14 by okay 14 chip in the iPhone 12 probably does throw down a lot more.

    I’m showing you now compared to how much it’s don’t worry too much about the schools between by for these devices they very different it’s more this particular video to Point out that we are getting so much more throttling on the iPhone 12.

    And it’s a 14 Versus the snapdragon 865. So, no, I could do this test with my other devices out there, and of course, I did send that out of your use the fault,

    And now I’ve done more feet taste here you can say it’s still the same results more troubling now what about battery both of them started with 100 percent battery 158 percent on the iPhone at 12.

    And went on to 65 percent here on the show me ten outright celibate difference there because of the difference in the capacity of those batteries.

    The S. R. I B. did like this second run of the case is to Point out that something is going on with throttling with performance on the GPU on the new iPhone. Hence, people are aware of that and just featuring a course.

    it’s dropping a lot of frames and other games.

    I see a difference in performance when looking at the same game, so I have to see you back in the channel. He did like the video. Please give a thumbs up and subscribe for more bye for now.


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