The Best Open Back Headphones Review

The Best Open Back Headphones Review
The Best Open Back Headphones Review

Hello, guys. In today’s article, we’re going to check out the best open back headphones in 2020.

I made this list based on my personal opinion and are trying to list them based on their price, quality, durability and more. To find out more information about these open back headphones, you can check out the description below.

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At number five, it’s the Astro Gaming 842 yea plus mix AMP Pro. Open back headphones deliver one of the best unclear sound experiences in the market with a wide soundstage and mostly neutral but beautiful responses.

However, they are mostly made for home and studio use as their nature allows the outside sound in and all the sound out.

So they’re not the best pick for commuters and offices. If you’re going to use them in the house or the studio, they are your best bet for gamers.

I have the best pick here, the Astro Gaming 840 TR headset that comes in a bundle with a mix amp Protei tr to deliver the best experience for gamers.

They deliver a perfect sound, super wide soundstage, a beautiful and intuitive amp and great implementation and operation for both consoles and p.c. The package of this SEC comes with a large set of components with tons of cables.

The AMP headphones themselves and replacement parts. The headphones are quite large and deliver a great and comfortable experience.

However, from the design perspective, they’re not the best since they are a little large and not very pleasing to the eye. On the outer part of the year, Kamps, you’ll spot the plates that allow you to transform the device between closed back and open back.

However, even with the plates, they are mostly open back. Headphones and they leak a lot of sound out and vice versa.

The mix up has a beautiful design with its rectangular design on two dials placed to deliver a pretty intuitive experience. One of the dials is with the overall volume and the other one is for the game and chat volume, which is the biggest selling point to this amp.

You can also get the X box or PS4 version of the preamp depending on your needs.

Because as we know, X Box is more of a complicated system when it comes to headphones in terms of gaming performance. The Astro Gaming 840 TR is amazing. Delivering a super rich soundscape filled with various sound effects, game scores, directionals sounds, dialogs.

And of course, the chat was extremely clear. Despite being a gaming headset, the Astro Gaming 840 TR could also pump out a beautiful music performance with pretty neutral tones and a great sense of tempo, solidifying itself as one of the best headsets for gamers.

At number four, it’s the AKG Pro K seven otu. For those that want one of the most neutral sounds in the market and on top of that one, the most comfortable experience, I would recommend the AKG Pro K seven 02.

These open back headphones come with great sound performance and flat response, interesting studio, great design, affordable price and overall one of the best open back headphone packages in the market.

First off, I should mention the large design of the AKG pro KCMO two, which is obnoxious when you think about it.

However, these headphones aren’t designed to be attractive or beautiful, but they are designed to be as comfortable as possible and deliver the best sound experience in a studio or home setting. It will not look out of place.

However, I wouldn’t recommend you take them on your commute.

Besides that, the open Mac design is not the right choice for commuting in terms of comfort. The AKG Pro K seven otu is amazing. Delivering comfortable fit even for people with larger ears. Thanks to its large air cups that are thickly padded, uncovered with super soft Valla.

In addition to that, the headband delivers excellent support and comfort. Thanks to his leather design and padding, definitely one of the best. It’s worth mentioning that the AKG Procaine Semino two is handbells in Austria and the build quality of the product is off the charts.

And one of the best you’ve ever seen. The sound performance of the AKG Procaine seven 02 is truly amazing. Delivering a super wide soundstage, solar dynamics and plenty of depth.

However, they are extremely neutral, meaning that these are not the best choice for those that want super loud sounds and bass drops.

These are designed to experience the music to its roots. And if you want just that, an audio file. Great experience. These are a safe bet at number three.

It’s the Biodynamic DTV 990 Pro. Next up, we have another pair of excellent open back headphones that deliver amazing value for their price.

The biodynamic DTN 990 pro. These headphones are extremely comfortable, deliver plenty of detail in their sound and are extremely neutral.

The bass response is not as powerful as I expected, but for the price, you realistically can’t complain about these exceptional counts. The biodynamic DTN 990 pros have a pretty rugged and ready to go build and they’ll take a lot of beating before they give up.

And another thing worth noting is that these headphones have been first released in 2004, and since then they’ve been favorites.

They have a mostly plastic build except the metal band that’s used to connect in the ear cups and the back of the year cups have a Two-Tone filter designed with a grill on top of it in terms of esthetics.

These are not the most attractive pair of cowens since they’re built to be functional and comfortable.

And while we’re at it, I should state that the clamping force is a little high. But even so, they are pretty comfortable. That’s mostly thanks to the memory foam padding that’s wrapped with valor to deliver a great listening experience.

On top of that, the memory foam padding allow me to wear these for extended periods of time without any discomfort.

The pay dynamic 990 pro comes with a one meter coiled cable that was a little heavier than I expected. But it’s not a major issue for static application. Coming to the main selling point to these headphones, these sound amazing.

And when you consider the price, they’re just remarkable and exceptional.

The base, as I said, is not as powerful or punchy, but super deep at that. And it sounded just perfect. The open nature makes the bass and treble deliver an aggressive response, which was perfect.

However, these are not the best headphones to use with the smartphone or any other mobile device.

And I would recommend you use an app for that purpose to get the best possible sound experience of these amazing headphones. If you were after aggressive, speedy and open sounds, but also want to get the most bang for your buck, you have to opt for the biodynamic D.T. 990 pro.

At number two, it’s the Audio Technica 88. Eighty nine hundred X Audio Technica has been one of my favorite headphone manufacturers and it’s also the manufacturer with the clearest and flattest sound response in the market.

And for a matter of fact, other manufacturers use these as a benchmark for their product.

If you want the best open back experience from the company’s lineup with the best critical listening experience, you should take a look at the Audio Technica 88. Eighty nine hundred X.

These headphones have a perfect studio design, lightweight, large drivers, perfect frequency range, solid impedance and simply one of the best audio file. Great performances. I can comfortably say that the audio Technica.

88 eighty nine hundred X has a pretty futuristic look and it makes quite the first impression with that.

The air caps are pretty large, round shape with air open back honeycomb design making the drive is pretty visible from there. These counts, however, lack the classic headband system. And instead they come with a 3D wing support system that has a rather weird look.

But after a while, it’ll grow on you. The design is not. The most important part of these headphones, though, is they’re meant to be used indoors in the comfort department.

These clowns are the best in the company’s lineup, thanks to their lightweight body that weighs to zero point five eight pounds in total. And on top of that, you get a pair of ultra thick padding on its large air cups and the wing support structure that allows you to get a perfect fit, an almost concert like feeling, which made listening to everything perfect.

Also watching movies was just beautiful. Taking the whole film to another level, the wholesale response is extremely flat and neutral, which is the focus of this headphone.

Delivering a superb, critical listening experience. And besides that, I was super impressed with the music listening experience as everything was enjoyable. And at number one, it’s the Sennheiser HD 650 on top of this list, we have to sell ISARE HD 650, which been around for a while now, but they’ve achieved legendary status when it comes to open back headphones.

And the German manufacturer has always managed to deliver the best of the best.

These headphones can with amazing levels of detail, great clarity, flat response, superb comfort levels and great value for the price.

As always, Sennheiser has delivered a professional looking pair of headphones and the ear cups, and this one a pretty large measuring about 4.5 inches at the longest point with their oval shape on the outside of the ear cup.

You’ll notice the dark gray grille that houses the large drivers inside of it in terms of comfort.

These headphones deliver plenty of desirable qualities and are suited for professional environments such as studios. And on top of all, these headphones are extremely durable and sturdy. So they’ll survive a long time in a studio environment.

The pressure that the headphone applies to the head is just adequate and the planning takes the comfort to another level.

Combined with a large overall sized air cups that I mentioned earlier, making them comfortable to use even with glasses still on.

The biggest selling point of the Senate is the 86 50s that they have a super solid sound performance. Most notably the frequency response range that spans from 10 hertz to thirty nine point five kilohertz to deliver the best sub harmonic and bass frequencies you could want to hear.

These headphones have also got high in Britain’s rating of 300 ohms, meaning you’ll have to pair them with a digital to analog converter or any audio interface or even a small amp will do the trick.

But you need that to get the superior and realistic sound stage combined with a flattish response. I’ve ever heard these headphones are just amazing. Top of the class.

Thanks for watching. Hope you like the article. If you found it helpful.

If you have any questions related to these products, you can leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


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