The Chromebooks Review

The Chromebooks Review
The Chromebooks Review

Hello, guys. In today’s article, we’re going to check out the best chrome books in 2020. I made this list based on my personal opinion, and I try to list them based on their price, quality, durability and more.

To find out more information about these Chrome books, you can check out the description below.

Okay, so let’s get started with the article. At number five, it’s the HP X2 Chromebook. HP has done a great job when it comes to Chrome books. And this one is amazing.

It’s not that expensive. And it has great performance. It’s not the best Chromebook.

But at that price, it delivers great qualities with many amazing features. It also has a bright and high resolution display. And the battery life is the best on this one.

It has a very compelling design and it has a stylus and keyboard included. The touch screen of this Chromebook is very responsive. It’s pretty thin and lightweight. The keyboard is very comfortable to use and it’s very smooth, too.

This one is a beautiful anodized aluminum tablet that attaches to a rubber leather textured keyboard and can be used as a laptop.

It weighs about three pounds and is zero point six inches thick. It has an amazing 24 hundred by sixteen hundred pixel panel and the colors look great on the HP x2. It’s green produces a solid 114 percent to the Assad chibi color spectrum.

It has a seventh generation core M7 y 30 processor with four gigabyte ram and 32 gigabytes of EMC flash memory.

It’s not that much, but it still provides great qualities and a good enough performance for a Chromebook. It doesn’t lag when you open tent or play some videos, so it performs pretty well. The performance overall is amazing for a Chromebook.

I should also mention the active pen, which is a great feature, an accessory that this Chromebook has. You can draw and sketch as much as you want and it won’t lag.

It has to be an O play branded audio from Bang and Olofsson, which provides amazing sound quality.

The good thing about this Chromebook is that it doesn’t heat up too much. It may heat a little after hours of usage, but in normal usage it stays cool. It has a twelve point five megapixel camera on the rear that takes very decent photos.

It also has a four point nine megapixel front facing camera. That’s great for Skype calls.

The battery life, on the other hand, is just amazing. It can last about nine hours without a problem. This is a great Chromebook for those who want better battery life and a colorful display with lots of other features.

At number four, it’s the Samsung Chromebook for moving on.

We have a great Chromebook and this time from Samsung. This one has amazing performance and many great features. And on top of that, it’s very affordable. The battery life is top notch and it’s thinner and lighter than its competitors.

The audio system is not that great, but it still does a good job.

Overall, it’s a pretty decent Chromebook that you should check out. The design of this Chromebook is very simple and beautiful in the rear. It has just the Samsung logo and the Chrome logo, which is very minimalistic and looks great.

It has curved edges and a silver hue. It has an aluminum top, which feels pretty nice.

But the body, these Chromebook is plastic anyway based on the price. It has a great design. It weighs around two point six pounds and is zero point seven inches thick. On the left side, it has a USB seaport, a micro SD reader and a headphone jack.

And on the right side, it has a USB 3.0 port. The performance of this Chromebook is amazing and you wouldn’t expect a Chromebook at this price to perform pretty well.

It has a great display, but the display is not a touchscreen. It has an Intel Celeron 3000 N processor and four gigabyte RAM. It also has 32 gigabytes of SSD. You can easily open tabs and play YouTube videos. It can multitask without a problem.

However, in some hard tasks, it may lag a little bit. The overall performance of the Samsung Chromebook four is great.

You can complete different tasks with this one.

The typing experience is very good. The keys might feel a little shallow, but they’re good enough. The touchpad on the other side does a good job too.

It tracks, taps and scrolls very easily and the audio is not bad. It doesn’t have much bass, but it still provides great sound quality. Also, you can go without charging it for nearly all day because the battery life is amazing. It can go up to 11 hours.

At number three, it’s the AC Chromebook spin. Another great Chromebook is the Acer Chromebook spin.

It’s an amazing laptop with lots of features and has an amazing performance.

Our thanks to the 360 degree hinge. You can also use it as a tablet. It’s great for all sorts of tasks and it doesn’t lag. This Chromebook is amazing, the everyday usage and it provides amazing laptop or tablet experiences. It was a very beautiful and simple design.

It has an aluminum chassis that makes it look very durable.

And in fact, it is. The Kronborg Spin has a resolution of 22 56 by 50 No. Four pixels with an aspect ratio of three to two.

Another great thing is the passive stylus that’s hidden in the sheath built into the chassis. The keyboard of this tablet works pretty well and is backlit. It’s very comfortable to use. It provides great typing experience.

The touchpad is just like the other average touchpads and only worked pretty well.

It has a one point six gigahertz, eighth generation quad core intel chip with a core A5 82 50 new processor that works amazingly. It has eight gigabyte ram and 128 gigabytes of SSD. It runs on Chrome OS and it’s very easy to use.

It has a micro SD card slot, two USB seaports and a single full size USB three point one port.

It performs very well in all sorts of tasks. It’s best for graphic designers who want to create stuff unexpressed themselves. Like I said, it has a very good performance and it’s one of the best chrome books out there.

You can use these Chromebook in a laptop, stand tablet or 10 mode. It also has a touch display that features Gorilla Glass for better protection. The overall performance of this Chromebook is excellent.

Moving on to battery life, it has a 46 70 mph battery, which is good enough and can last up to 10 hours.

To sum up, I would say that this one is an excellent Chromebook with lots of features and with overall great performance. It can give you what you need and I would highly recommend this one to people that use multimedia a lot anyway.

This Chromebook is good for anyone who wants to enjoy a high quality two in one laptop.

At number two, it’s the Google Pixel book. Go. Moving on, we have one of the most stylish chrome books ever. The Google Pixel book Go is an amazing one because as many great features are very minimalistic and beautiful design and has great performance.

It has everything a Chromebook should have. You can enjoy working with this one and completing different kinds of tasks without a problem.

Like I said, it has a very beautiful minimalistic design with a glossy 10 HTP display that’s very bright and colorful. Something odd for a premium laptop like this is that it doesn’t have a fingerprint scanner, which is not a big deal, but it would be better if it did.

This laptop is a mixture of aluminum and glass. It has a touchscreen, but the hinge doesn’t rotate all the way round.

It weighs around two point three pounds and it’s just zero point five inches thick.

A great feature is the ribbed pattern along the bottom. It’s a great way to make the laptop easy to carry. It has a 1920 by 10 80 pixel resolution and a 16 to nine aspect ratio. You can get the M3 ie five or seven model.

In this video we talk about the ICE seven version, which is 16 gigabytes around and 265 gigabytes of SSD. The performance is excellent.

You can complete any task without a problem. Multitasking is not a problem for this woman. You can open up to 15 chrome tabs and play a YouTube video. It won’t lag if the price is not a problem for you.

Then I would highly recommend taking a look at this one.

It’s odd that it doesn’t have any fingerprint scanner, no face recognition and no form of biometric log in. However, that doesn’t mean that it is not a premium Chromebook. It still is with a very beautiful design and great overall performance.

And it manages to be in our top three keyboard, as Google calls it.

Husky’s is very smooth and very comfortable to use to the touchpad is made of glass and it’s very responsive. The speakers are great and they provide high quality sound. It seems like Google spent a lot of time fine tuning these speakers.

The Google Chromebook go has the best battery life compared to other Chrome books.

It can last you up to 13 hours and that alone is amazing. You should check this one out. If you’ve already decided to buy a Chromebook at number one, it’s the ACIS Chromebook flip see for three four.

Moving on, we have another great Chromebook and this time it’s from ACIS.

The flip side for three four is one of the best chrome books in the market today. It has a very premium design within display, bezzle and other amazing features that will make you take a look at this Chromebook and see if it’s the one you were looking for.

The design of this Chromebook is very simple and beautiful.

It’s well-made and has a 360 degree hinge for tablet, laptop, stand and tent format. It has an all aluminum shell that feels very sharp and it doesn’t flex too much. It has a 14 inch LCD, backlit LCD and a full HD. That’s 1920 by 10 80 resolution.

And it also has an 87 percent screen to body ratio. The keyboard is very smooth and it looks very nice. The keys are backlit. Allocable overall provides a good typing experience.

It has an intel core M3 or. Five or seven option and hasn’t integrated intel, you HD graphic six one five. The operating system is, of course, the Chrome OS. You can open tasks and write articles all day long and it can multitask without a problem.

It also comes in with eight gigabytes of RAM and 64 gigabytes of SSD, which is good enough for a Chromebook. It comes with built in storage.

Were Off-line access to your most important files? Overall, it does a great job and helps you finish your tasks very quickly. You can access all the Google Apps, you know. I can edit and download and convert Microsoft Office files in Google Docs sheet.

This lightweight all aluminum metal body two in one laptop is very beautiful and will never go out of style.

It’s one of the best chrome books, no doubt. All the features and the stylish looks will make you take a look at it and see if this one is the Chromebook. You need the Chromebook. Flip has a very long battery life and it can last you up to 10 hours without a problem.

There are many other great features that you should check out and see what ACS has to offer with this Chromebook.

Thanks for watching. I hope you like the article. If you found it helpful.

If you have any questions related to these products, you can leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


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